A bit about: Jenny Bahn

Jenny Bahn
Jenny Bahn is a model / writer living in Brooklyn, which is a little less cliche than being a model/ actress living in Los Angeles. A contributor to V Magazine and Flip Collective, Jenny Bahn also maintains her own blog, jennyblovesyou.com and her first book Brooklyn Love Stories is available for purchase now. Follower her on Twitter @jennybahn.

More from Jenny:

Funny Money: Model Problems

“The [bad word] agency owes me $30,000 and they charged me [same bad word] five percent for an advance on this other job… which was,…

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Too Chopped To Handle

Twice in my life, I’ve endeavored to unceremoniously chop off all of my hair. The first was in seventh grade, when I traveled to the…

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Robin Hood: Men In Furs

When it comes to clothing, I’m generally an equal opportunist. Marc Jacobs, go ahead and wear that kilt. Givenchy, I love that you’ve got Kayne…

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Paris Fashion Week Roundup

Day 1: I spend the morning in bed with two buddies, watching Friends reruns and drinking Swedish coffee, eating cheese on baguette. We have dinner…

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The Reluctant Frequent Flier

Modeling has taken me to a number of glamorous locations: Paris, London, Ft. Lauderdale, Detroit, roadside hotels of Seattle suburbs. No matter the quality of…

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Model Closet No. 1

The percentage of my life I have spent sitting in a closet surrounded by a herd of other half-naked models waiting for people to come…

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Oscar Tailgate Part II

The All Stars Kate Hudson (1 for 1) — Please come back. We won’t even care if you wear that Alexander McQueen dress again. In…

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Oscar Tailgate Part I

The snacks are ready. Drinks are in the cooler. You’ve got your favorites picked out. It’s almost The Big Day. Nope. Not your wedding, we’re…

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