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Moonfaze Feminist Film Festival Emphasizes Diversity

Hollywood and the film industry have long had a major problem with equality when it comes to anyone who isn’t a straight, white male. While this fact isn’t news to anyone, it has increasingly been brought to the forefront of our nation’s social consciousness in the past few years.

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#MEinEndo Campaign Helps Empower Women

Hosted by SheKnows Media, a leading women’s lifestyle media platform, #BlogHer16 brought more than 3500 women content creators from the realms of social media, video, photography, and blogs and connected them with one another, along with brands, vendors, and media professionals.

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Heroine Complex & Its Asian American Superheroines

AMERICAN CULTURE has an obsession with its superheroes.

Since the days when Superman first flew onto the scene, they’ve draw the biggest appeal at the box office, held our attention week after week on TV, and populated the pages of novels and comic books alike.

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