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Chris Brown
When Chris is not doling out solicited advice, he gives it out anyway. Otherwise you can find him at AMDesign, his furniture and interior design company based in Los Angeles, or in front of a camera shooting campaigns for Wilhelmina--which is the only reason he knows anything about fashion.

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Ask Him: The Four Man Plan

I recently learned about The Four Man Plan which stipulates that a lady have four men on dating rotation to avoid getting emotionally attached. As…

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Ask Him: Will He Ever Marry Me?

It’s wedding season, so my boyfriend and I are attending weddings left and right, but he won’t stop making under-the-breath comments about what a dated…

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Ask Him on Manners

What if he picks his nose in public? — Anonymous   Honestly? His finger will eventually stretch out his nostril so that he looks like…

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Mouth Like a Trucker?

Would a guy dump a girl if she kisses too hard? — Anonymous. Normally I would say something like, “It depends on the situation,” or…

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Having the Talk

I have a situation: is the “talk” always necessary when dating or is it ever implied that you’re exclusive? Like when you start sleeping together,…

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