Ask Him: Drinking Before Dates, Yay or Nay?

I have a date tonight. My work friend and I have been arguing about whether it is appropriate or not to pregame for a first date. What are your thoughts?

isn't she lushly.

isn’t she lushly.

I went to high school with these girls who used to pregame before showing up at parties. This pregame ritual consisted of sitting in their car out in front of the house passing around a bottle of Sailor Jerry until it was gone. That’s a 750ml bottle, not a flask. This is an example of how to pregame before a date if you plan on either vomiting or getting into a fistfight with the waiter before entrees.

Now does that mean that showing up to a date moderately lubricated is out of the question? In these types of situations I like to ask myself, “What would Bond do?” He may have been a bit of a chauvinist when it came to the ladies, but that man had class (because what is chivalry really, but some well-polished chauvinism?). In the realm of etiquette, I would say that it is well within reason to have a little liquid courage before your armor-plated, amphibious, glossy V12 arrives, shaken, stirred, or sure, blended if you must. Just know your limits. After a quick rinse and a stick of Big Red, your little drink should be your little secret, without the tell tale trips of the lips and stilettos.

If JB was a woman, he might have been a lush, but that doesn’t mean you should be too.

And if you’re not into Bond–you’ll never find a man. No, tangent. Not true.

Take a tip from Cher Horowitz and a little ’90s flick that taught us all some valuable lessons: “It is one thing to spark up a doobie and get laced at parties, but it is quite another to be fried all day.”

Finding love is hard, don’t fry your chances before you even light the flame.

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