Modern Versions of Famous Wedding Dresses

iStock_weddingshoesDon’t tell my boyfriend (who am I kidding, I tell him this every night), but I have a bit of wedding fever right now. What can I say? Every day I go on Facebook and see another friend engaged or getting married and dream about planning my own. My past (and hopefully future) career was in event planning so it shouldn’t be shocking to anyone that the idea of planning the biggest party of my life is more than exciting.

I will flat out admit that every single night I browse the wedding section of Pinterest and daydream about what my future wedding will look like. Also, to clarify, my boyfriend and I have been dating for nearly five years and live together so I’m pretty sure I’m not TOO far off of wedding bells, for anyone who is already thinking “this girl is nuts.”

While searching, I got inspired to find modern versions of some of those oh-so-famous wedding dresses we’ve seen over the years.

First up, obviously, is Princess Diana. While her wedding dress was very fashionable in the 80’s, her puffed sleeve ensemble may not be the most popular today. However, a large ball gown is certainly still chosen by many brides, and we think this Vera Wang piece is a great option. Remember, we said INSPIRED, not duplication.

Since Elvis is one of our favorites, we had to find an updated version of Priscilla’s very 60’s wedding dress. We love the lace sleeves but would want something a little more form fitting. We love this dress which is made in the U.K.

When doe-eyed beauty Aubrey Hepburn opted for a shorter style for her 1954 wedding, it inspired ladies everywhere. Who says a wedding gown, needs to hit the floor? This Rosebloom tea-length dress embodies grace, style and the charm of Ms. Hepburn.

This wouldn’t be a famous wedding post if we didn’t include the stunning Elizabeth Taylor. This Duchesse Satin Noelle Gown is definitely a more conservative look than the others, but we still think it is quite beautiful.

This barely begins to tap into some iconic and famous dresses, but it’s a good start. What are your favorites?

-Sasha Huff

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