Ask Him: Whad'ya Know About the Drop-Crotch

Give it to me straight. What’s your–as representative for “him”– opinion about girls in drop-crotches? It won’t stop me from wearing them, but what are you actually thinking when you see them?

what time is it?

what time is it?

You might want to sit your baggy-bottom down for this one: I’m not really thinking anything at all. Maybe I’m wondering what you’re hiding in there, and maybe they remind me that I need to drop-off my dry cleaning. How you decide to cover or bare the nether half of your body has no bearing on me (or subsequently how I feel about you). I happen to know a guy who loves girls in drop-crotches so much that he went so far to create a U.S.P (unisex drop-crotch sweatpant).

There are die-hard fashinistos who might applaud your ability to rock a drop like you don’t give one. There are others still who like anything with the word crotch in it (which means the D.C. certainly trumps the never-ending mom-jeans fiasco). I’m sure you’ve heard this one before, but guys care more about getting you out of your pants than about what they look like. You could wear the same pair for a week straight, and most of us wouldn’t notice.

Now, as representative of “him” it also probably won’t come as a shock that other dudes don’t dig it. They don’t dig it on Justin Bieber and they don’t dig it on you. For them, a drop-crotch is like espresso–bold, eyebrow raising, and leaves a bad taste in their mouth. Some men need a latte, and they like it with a latte leather. If you wind up with a man who cares more about your pants than your person, you should probably get the drop on him first.

All this said, if as you say, plan on wearing them regardless, why even ask? A more contrary gentleman might claim that your question belies your self-esteem on the matter. If you want to get low, go for it. An elephant’s opinion carries a lot of weight, but that doesn’t mean you should take his advice on drop-crotch trunks.


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