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K.W. Colyard
K.W. Colyard is a freelance writer and editor from the rural southern US. She holds a master's degree in English from Clemson University. When she isn’t writing, Kristian may be found reading literary fiction, playing video games, and smashing the patriarchy. She’d love it if you struck up a conversation on social media; talk to her about blankets, ampersands, and the Oxford comma. Website: http://www.kristianwilsonwriting.com Twitter & Instagram: @kristianwriting Facebook: /kristianwilsonwriting LinkedIn: /kristanwriting

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How You Can Help Destigmatize Mental Illness

I am mentally ill. It took me a very long time to get comfortable saying that, and I still have a minor issue with revealing my mental health conditions to the unacquainted, because of the stigma that mental illness still carries.

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Make a Resolution to Write This Year

With one month of 2017 officially under our belts, many of us are approaching that all-too-familiar point where the promises we made to ourselves for the New Year begin to fall to the wayside. It’s no surprise; New Year’s resolutions come by their bad reputation honestly.

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Four Valid Criticisms of the Women’s March

On January 21, millions of women turned out to take part in the Women’s March on Washington: a set of worldwide demonstrations against politicians and corporations who want to revoke the rights of women, people of color, LGBTQIA individuals, and people with disabilities.

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Calling Trump Out Is the Easiest Way to Fight Him

In a January 14 interview on CNN, Trump surrogate Ben Ferguson responded to Rep. John Lewis’ (D-GA) assertion that Trump is not a legitimate president by saying, “It is unprecedented. … I cannot imagine the fallout … if a Republican had ever implied that about Barack Obama.”

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Overwatch Reaction Shows That We Aren’t There Yet

On December 20, Blizzard Entertainment revealed that Tracer — the most visible character in its popular multi-platform video game, Overwatch — is a lesbian. Although it was initially unclear whether Tracer identified as lesbian, bisexual, or something else, Overwatch Lead Writer Michael Chu confirmed her sexuality in a December 22 tweet.

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5 Things You Can Watch Instead of the Inauguration

We’re just a few short hours away from the end of Barack Obama’s presidency, and many of us who won’t be on our way to Washington or participating in active protests on Friday wonder what the best way is to protest Trump’s inauguration from home.

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How Media Literacy Can Fix Our Perception of Fashion

A Facebook photo from Deena Shoemaker, a mentor trainer at Youth Horizons in Wichita, went viral in December 2016, after the teen counselor stitched together six images of herself in pants and shorts of varying sizes with one very clear message: You are not your clothing size.

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