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K.W. Colyard
K.W. Colyard is a freelance writer and editor from the rural southern US. She holds a master's degree in English from Clemson University. When she isn’t writing, Kristian may be found reading literary fiction, playing video games, and smashing the patriarchy. She’d love it if you struck up a conversation on social media; talk to her about blankets, ampersands, and the Oxford comma. Website: http://www.kristianwilsonwriting.com Twitter & Instagram: @kristianwriting Facebook: /kristianwilsonwriting LinkedIn: /kristanwriting

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3 Ways to Solve the Problem of Mansplaining

In November 2016, Sweden opened a hotline to solve the problem of mansplaining in the workplace. Unionen, a Swedish trade union, designed the phone service to allow women a space to safely vent about their frustrations with men who felt the need to condescendingly explain even the most basic concepts to them.

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Sound Off: Why I Won’t Educate People This Year

I’ve spent the better part of the last decade trying to make people more understanding, trying to explain, patiently and logically, how privilege works and why, no, someone else getting the rights you have always enjoyed does not create inequality. But no more.

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Trump’s Win Inspires Women to Run for Office

In a November 10 article for The Guardian, A Black Man in the White House author Cornell Belcher calls Donald Trump’s electoral victory an “inevitable” response to the last eight years, saying that the GOP candidate “took full advantage of a racial backlash to the presidency of Barack Obama.”

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How to Stop the Normalization of Donald Trump

Today, more than ever before, it’s important that we do as much as we can to stop the normalization of Donald Trump in the media and in our homes. Whatever has happened in the last few hours, days, or weeks to outrage and harm us, no matter how far we are into Trump’s tenure as president, our mission remains the same.

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