A bit about: Jenny Bahn

Jenny Bahn
Jenny Bahn is a model / writer living in Brooklyn, which is a little less cliche than being a model/ actress living in Los Angeles. A contributor to V Magazine and Flip Collective, Jenny Bahn also maintains her own blog, jennyblovesyou.com and her first book Brooklyn Love Stories is available for purchase now. Follower her on Twitter @jennybahn.

More from Jenny:

Emotional Menopause

Between my feet are two perfectly cylindrical teardrops, a pair of emerald stains on the slate floors of this bathroom. I’m sitting on the toilet,…

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Life a la Minogue

Surrounded by a bunch of buff, voguing Marky Mark-looking dudes and elegantly writhing on a blue-lit floor, Kylie Minogue and her “Get Outta My Way”…

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Don't Look Down

Though it’s well documented that ballerinas have notoriously thrashed tootsies, it’s lesser known that models are similarly afflicted. Just trade the pointe shoes for a…

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Cheap Tricks

The studio was off Beverly Boulevard, next to a gas station and up a flight of well-lit stairs. It was in said stairway that I…

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Second-Class Model

A flight attendant is leaning towards us in that subservient, prostrate way that they do when you’re in the fancier cabins.

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Investment Opportunities

Nothing about my upbringing led me to have a knack for these fashion things. I had no glamorous mentor from which to model myself or…

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