The Reluctant Frequent Flier

traveling in style.

don’t bother me, i’m traveling.

Modeling has taken me to a number of glamorous locations: Paris, London, Ft. Lauderdale, Detroit, roadside hotels of Seattle suburbs. No matter the quality of destination, the journey is always the same. You get used to flying, which means you get used to being grossly uncomfortable for long stretches at a time. Here’s my list of travel musts, whether you take to the sky on a bi-weekly or bi-annual basis.

Pack food. These days, airplane food more closely resembles prison slop than anything else. Unless your idea of a square meal is an unrecognizable stew of gray beef poured atop what might be mashed potatoes, bring your own.

Carry on. Do you roll your clothes when packing for a trip? You should. Rolling allows you to cram about 30% more junk in your trunk, affording you 100% fewer headaches when you disembark.

Check your socks. There’s nothing more embarrassing than waddling through security with threadbare heels and visible toenails.

Moisturize. Flying will suck the life out of you, leaving you looking like a crypt keeper. Avoid your usual makeup routine, swapping foundation and blush for a heavy-duty moisturizer and a few flicks of the mascara wand. You won’t look like a celebrity, but your face will thank you for it.

Drink water. That means no coffee, sodas, or booze.

Beware the germs. Airplanes are unholy Petri dishes from the underworld. Avoid using the pillows and blankets provided at all costs (these supposedly rarely get washed) and don’t even dream of putting your belongings in that seat back pocket.

Get on a mileage program. These days, perks are reserved for those shelling out the big bucks for business and first class or the frequent fliers. Given the miserable experience that flying has become, any small crumb of a perk will do.–Jenny Bahn

photo credit: Jenny Bahn

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