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Dominique Fong
Dominique Fong is a business journalist in Palm Springs. Previously, she wrote for The Oregonian in Portland. Her roaming gypsy spirit has led her from crime scenes to mountaintop hikes and underground hipster bars. Follow her on Twitter @dominiquefong and her fashion and technology blog, www.thistailor.com.

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The Sociology of Snobbery

For a down-to-earth lady, getting snubbed feels like a throwback to kindergarten. And the way it went down over the weekend, it seemed to have…

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If You're Going to Coachella

If you’re an early bird, and you bought Coachella tickets the day they went on sale– no, pre-sale, that means you’re headed to Indio this…

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Snap(chat) of It: No More #FOMO

The Fear of Missing Out can be a serious state of mind. You may have experienced its symptoms: anxiety, jealousy, manic Facebook checking, endless Instagram…

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Stave Off the Midnight Munchies

When I turned 25, I realized that my metabolism could no longer keep up with my late-night weekend revelries and the inevitable calorie-gaining Jack-in-the-Box junk…

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