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Dominique Fong
Dominique Fong is a business journalist in Palm Springs. Previously, she wrote for The Oregonian in Portland. Her roaming gypsy spirit has led her from crime scenes to mountaintop hikes and underground hipster bars. Follow her on Twitter @dominiquefong and her fashion and technology blog, www.thistailor.com.

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Dressing Chic, But Modest

In a culture where dressing risqué is all the rage, dressing modestly seems to suggest a prudish, old-fashioned mentality. Yes, there will be moments when…

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Smashing Holiday Party Outfits

Boring LBDs aside, ’tis the season to be jolly. The awesome thing about December: Your social calendar is automatically filled with holiday parties, good food,…

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The 9 Coolest Caps in Town

I’ll let you in on a secret: I’ve got an obsession with hats. Some ladies collect Manolos, others stash sunglasses or lipsticks or vintage wine…

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Still Grooving on 90s Grunge

Fashion magazines and blogs have been blasting that 90s grunge is back, and they’re back hard. It’s the antithesis of chic. Deconstructed, a little messy,…

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Betabrand’s Ironic Clothing

Horizontal corduroy pants, dress pant sweatpants, sweat suit blazers… huh?! Betabrand’s clothing is just plain zany, but the online retailer and manufacturer made a success…

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