The 9 Coolest Caps in Town

all the babes wear caps.

all the babes wear caps.

I’ll let you in on a secret: I’ve got an obsession with hats. Some ladies collect Manolos, others stash sunglasses or lipsticks or vintage wine corks. I hoard hats, from a straw cloche to a navy cap and flat-billed camping caps, all tucked away in respectable brown boxes in my closet. Two things have made this fondness possible: my irrational magnetism to the coolness factor of hats (have you seen Ryan Gosling in a hat?), and, I kid you not, having a head shaped for hats.

Without a doubt, hats are my favorite accessories. The simple baseball cap fits nearly every head shape, unlike those floppy beach things. Its minimalist, simple structure works for casual outfits and ultra-chic, slightly sporty outfits, like Burberry’s renditions. Here’s a countdown of the nine caps that would make any lady look effortlessly cool.

1. Camping caps, because your city is your wilderness

Portland indie brand Poler is all about urbanites having fun while muckin’ it out in the sticks. Their collection of trucker hats in traffic-cone orange, grays and camouflage puts an urban spin on camping. Rock it with a button-up denim shirt, a bandeau and some short-shorts.

2. But if you really want to pull off a street-worthy look, printed caps are your friend

Stand out from the crowds with Topshop’s graffiti cap. The strong black-and-white designs scream urban street style, complete with a pair of tight kicks and psychedelic universe leggings. Cock the cap back on your head, tilt it to the side. Pretend like you don’t care.

3. Try wearing the “chic train conductor” look

The unisex engineer cap from Japanese brand Visvim is no-fuss industrial. Even the colors are practical. They only come in green, khaki and olive.

4. Unless you want to go for “preppy regal”

Then J. Crew has a gold embroidered monogram on its baseball cap, elevating the gear of America’s favorite pastime sport from diamond bases to city streets. You can channel the royal spirit without actually wearing the costume hats so dear to the British tradition.

5. Change up your routine with different textures

Such as lady-like tweed contrasted with tough green leather, like this Mr. Kim baseball cap.

6. Or an ironic statement

I’m not really Parisienne, but this fitted baseball cap from the Kitsune collaboration with New Era makes me feel like one.

7. Lastly, don’t be afraid to add color

Madewell’s maroon flannel baseball hat is perfect for setting an autumn mood, especially when matched with gray layers and mossy greens. The minimalist shape easily matches most outfits.

8. Or wear floral prints

Because wearing a painting on your head is like wearing a piece of art, like this Marc by Marc Jacobs floral cap.

9. Or drop half a month rent’s worth on a designer cap

Burberry trumps the list with a $450 cap in its signature beige and charcoal checkered pattern. The cap gets a modern update with sleek proportions and a little bill. Bad hair day? Throw this baby on, and let your messy tresses flow out underneath. Totally model-worthy.

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