3 of the Craziest Street Sneakers

Here’s a salute to all you sneakerheads with an unholy fascination with footwear. I watched a documentary about you called “Just for Kicks” back in high school, and from then on I had a new admiration for all the wonderful collecting, sorting, and hoarding of shoe boxes that you do.

You might find my favorite tried-and-true pairs of sneakers boring. After many years of use, my beloved red Vans (that look like sneakers…) looked torn-up and overall sad with their frayed edges and permanent dirt smudges, so I retired them to the back of my closet. The replacement: all-black Converse high-tops that let me skip out the door like I know how to skateboard. (I don’t.)

Fortunately, shoe designers out there are brave enough to feed your zombie hunger for new and edgy sneakers in every wild color and platform-sole imaginable. Here’s a roundup of the top three most bizarre, out-there sneakers I could find. My only question is: At what occasion would you ever wear these in public?

Inspired by geisha sandals, Y-3 – the ongoing brand collaboration between avant-garde Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas – produced funky red, pink, orange and blue sneakers with a thick platform sole. They don’t look comfortable, but they sure provide a good few inches of height.


Or check out these sneakers that look like they’re wrapped in money; they cost a pretty penny too, at $219.95.


Lastly, there’s no way I would ever wear these pink fluffy poodle sneakers/slippers. Let’s not get too crazy. (But they’re sold out!)


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