Blacklisting 10 Things We Hate About Ourselves

It’s about that time of the year again, when many women inspect their flaws, sigh and wishfully hope for skinnier, toned and tan bodies via new gym memberships and juice diets.

Sarah Dubbeldam, founder and editor-in-chief of Darling Magazine, hopes women will shoo those negative thoughts away in the New Year and replace them with encouraging attitudes. Dubbeldam believes in representing a diverse range of women in all shapes and sizes in the healthiest, most beautiful version of themselves.

She shared her wishlist – her top 10 hopes for women everywhere – and her blacklist of all the toxic attitudes that bring us down.

Cheers to a New Year of freedom and self-acceptance.

The Wishlist

1. I wish women would know, believe, and live the fact that they are beautiful inside and out.

2. I wish women would see that they are enough.

3. I wish women would embrace the fact that they can change their perspective.

4. I wish women would release themselves from the pressure to “keep up” with having exactly what the media says they need.

5. I wish women would know they could choose to embody love and truly change lives.

6. I wish women would know that they are truly interesting, and shouldn’t be afraid to share their opinions.

7. I wish women would see that they have gifts and a purpose.

8. I wish women would release the need for comparison and rest in how they were uniquely made.

9. I wish women would understand that their body is a gift given to them to serve the world well, and because of that fact they should cherish it.

10. I wish women would embrace the fact that they are fully loveable.

The Blacklist

1. Hating on celebrities or other women.

2. Negative attitudes toward our bodies.

3. Jealousy of other women.

4. Gossip in the workplace.

5. Obsession with food and body image.

6. Retouching women’s faces and bodies in photos.

7. Man-bashing sessions.

8. Mental defeat.

9. Lack of confidence in the workplace.

10. Feeling unworthy.

Photo courtesy of We Are The Rhoads.

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