If You're Going to Coachella

361986-celebrities-present-at-coachella-2013If you’re an early bird, and you bought Coachella tickets the day they went on sale– no, pre-sale, that means you’re headed to Indio this weekend for the Coachella Valley Music Festival. Or at least to the Neon Carnival.

Word’s still  out on whether Kate Bosworth will attend. Lady is still waiting on a 30k payday. 

Oh, Coachella, you’ve come so far from your Polo Field grassroots.

Regardless of corporate takeover and questionable starlet greed, Coachella’s been on our minds this week (obviously), and we’re waiting anxiously for the weekend so we can flash our gypsy-iest clothing and rock out to Muse and Lorde and Haim. One thing we know for sure – it’s going to be hot, hot, holy hell it’s gonna be hot out under the desert sun. This should not strike you as the opportune chance to wear a denim diaper.

Also, might we suggest thinking twice about knee-high boots and skin-tight clothing? Not even a young coconut with a straw can fix that folly. Think more along the lines of loose, or maxi sundresses, shorts, and airy halter tops. Coachella is as much a fashion statement as it is a music festival (which is why Lea Michele is getting paid 20k by Lacoste), so here’s a guide to boasting your best swag for magical summer nights.


The cuter, socially acceptable cousin to the overall. Rompers are a great alternative to shorts. Because they are basically shorts, but you don’t have to coordinate a matching top. Outfit done. And while you’re bouncing up and down to Arcade Fire in a sweaty crowd, you won’t have to worry about up-skirt peeks. Wear a sleeveless romper with a hippie floral print in a relaxed material, and you’ll be free to dance Coachella away.

Ethnic prints

Tired of geometric Bauhaus or Pendleton-inspired prints? Break out of the mold and try Moroccan themes and Mexicali prints in beautiful embroidered, gauzy tunics. Or wear a crazy-colored kaleidoscope maxi skirt with a crop top or breezy blouse. In the stuffy summer heat, draped or loose clothing helps air flow around your body and cools off the sweat. Wear anything tight and staid – and you’re in for some sticky, uncomfortable suffocation.

Space Age Stuff

Moons, planetary orbits, UFOs and star constellations in psychedelic patterns a la Electric Light Orchestra are perfect for the otherworldly, barren openness of the desert. Joshua Tree National Park is, after all, said to be one of the least light-polluted places for stargazing. Give a nod to the celestial skies with T-shirts and tanks of galaxies and horoscopes.

What not to wear: Metal bangles, faux fur, leather, caged gladiator sandals, too much black, your grandma’s clothes– heat plus moth balls makes for a seriously toxic combo.

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