Top 3 Outfits for Office Holiday Parties

officexmasFiguring out what to wear to a work holiday party can be a puzzling dilemma. Is it inappropriate to wear a somewhat-flirty dress to a work function?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Looking your festive best doesn’t have to be at odds with looking professional in front of your boss.

As a rule of thumb, err on the conservative side. Keep your top and bottom honeys fully covered. Save the ultra-sparkly dress and flashy strappy heels for the late-night holiday bash you’ll spend out of sight from your boss. Don’t wear super-tall shoes, or you may find yourself tripping and stumbling into your boss’ arms. Awkward.

Mid-height heels: These will be your best friend on long evenings filled with pie, hot toddies and dancing. Aim for two to three inches of height. Nowadays there are all sorts of non-frumpy options. Take these pointy-toed heels, for example. Your feet will be covered, but the gold buckle and ankle strap elevate them from boring office pumps to a pair of sophisticated shoes you can wear for both day and night.

Bold makeup: Just because it’s a work function, you don’t have to be boring. Keep your eye makeup to a minimum, with maybe light black eyeliner and a glowing touch of nude-toned eye shadow. Pay homage to the merry season with a bright shade of holly-red lipstick. Screen-siren red lips evoke 1940s Hollywood. Be glam, not vulgar.

Printed pants and skirts: Pop some eye-catching color into your holiday work outfit with printed pants and skirts. Try a pair of skinnies, color-blocked dress pants or a fitted pencil skirt in a graphic pattern. Pair with a flowy top, tartan blouse or a snuggly sweater.

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