A bit about: Jenny Bahn

Jenny Bahn
Jenny Bahn is a model / writer living in Brooklyn, which is a little less cliche than being a model/ actress living in Los Angeles. A contributor to V Magazine and Flip Collective, Jenny Bahn also maintains her own blog, jennyblovesyou.com and her first book Brooklyn Love Stories is available for purchase now. Follower her on Twitter @jennybahn.

More from Jenny:

Model. Writer. Plant Killer.

Someone gave me a plant last weekend for my birthday and it’s already dead. I watched it with a familiar confused hesitation as little dry…

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Mad Dogging Never Stops: Older, Meaner

The moment I crammed my slightly wrinkled, vaguely damp, still-sort-of-smelling-like-the-airplane sweatshirt into my purse for the evening, I sensed the inevitability of this moment: Standing…

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Taking Permissions with Love

Apparently Nabisco has just wrapped up a two-month run with their “Cookie Dough” Oreo, which seems as grotesquely redundant as obesity-riddled America would presently demand.…

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Note to Selfie

Amy is hovering over me while I flip through the photos on my iPhone, passing tiny cubes of Brooklyn sunsets, Internet screengrabs, and a rather…

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TKO: Relationship Round Two

They’re standing in the corner of a darkly lit room, two older men in the same v-neck cardigan pulled over a button-up shirt — the…

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