A bit about: Jenny Bahn

Jenny Bahn
Jenny Bahn is a model / writer living in Brooklyn, which is a little less cliche than being a model/ actress living in Los Angeles. A contributor to V Magazine and Flip Collective, Jenny Bahn also maintains her own blog, jennyblovesyou.com and her first book Brooklyn Love Stories is available for purchase now. Follower her on Twitter @jennybahn.

More from Jenny:

The Art of Keeping Your Mouth Shut

Impulsiveness. It’s the scourge of the Aries, a type of marked characteristic that likely defines murderers, thieves, and people really bad at calm, stable, interpersonal…

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Cyber-Bullying: Burn Your Idols

“I looked up Rihanna’s red carpet outfits for inspiration, and I loved all of them because her style is my style.” Alexis Carter was a Baltimore…

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Modeling: A Guidebook for Sucking

“Alright, I’ll take Henry, Nicole, Jenny, and Gina.” The casting director is peering over her glasses onto a clipboard, that familiar sheet of paper that…

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Felling the Wood: Tinder Sucks

Here’s a story: Girl walks into a bar. Girl sees her friends. Girl walks straight towards her friends because, man, these people are awesome! Girl…

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(Dinner) Party of One

White and green. That’s the color scheme of Gillian’s wedding. Really deep emerald, she adds. Very country club, I offer. She tells me about the…

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