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K.W. Colyard
K.W. Colyard is a freelance writer and editor from the rural southern US. She holds a master's degree in English from Clemson University. When she isn’t writing, Kristian may be found reading literary fiction, playing video games, and smashing the patriarchy. She’d love it if you struck up a conversation on social media; talk to her about blankets, ampersands, and the Oxford comma. Website: http://www.kristianwilsonwriting.com Twitter & Instagram: @kristianwriting Facebook: /kristianwilsonwriting LinkedIn: /kristanwriting

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Female Prison Populations Growing Faster Than Male

When we talk about prison reform, about closing the school-to-prison pipeline and shutting down for-profit facilities, we’re talking about men, specifically black men, who are wildly over-represented in the U.S. detention system.

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Menstrual Extraction Is Making a Comeback

With free-bleeding demonstrations and menstrual blood art making headlines, a controversial and relatively unknown menstrual practice is on the rise. Menstrual extraction is making a comeback, and it is high time we all started talking about it.

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Women’s Perspectives in Stranger Things: A Primer

Unless you’ve been living under a rock and without WiFi, you’ve heard of Stranger Things. The über-Eighties homage has taken the world by storm. What’s more, the women’s perspectives in Stranger Things continue Netflix’s burgeoning legacy as a hub for great, woman-friendly television.

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Childcare Costs: Negative Impact on Women’s Health?

Since the recession came and “went,” we’ve grown accustomed to hearing just how expensive subsistence has become. Housing, education, and other basic expenditures have increased faster than the rate of inflation, putting stress on individuals and families — Millennial households in particular.

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