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Chris Brown of Lady Clever fame Welcome to Ask Him, a rare window into the psyche of the male mind, a chance to John Malkovich Joe Schmoe. This is where I’ll field all of those deep complex and potentially existential questions about men, men’s style, their grooming habits, amateur home improvement, bourbon, and how to decipher one-liner late night texts.

Having the Talk

I have a situation: is the “talk” always necessary when dating or is it ever implied that you’re exclusive? Like when you start sleeping together,…

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The #1 First Date Question

Alt Text

The question that has been asked a million times but never really answered to my satisfaction: do you completely lose any chance of seriously dating…

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Dude, Stop Texting.

Why don’t guys make phone calls anymore? What happen to the art of a conversation? Why do they only text? Is it a generational thing…

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Moving In With Your Beau

After two years together, my boyfriend and I are finally moving in together. Any tips — i.e. how to combine styles, what to bring, what…

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Bad Shoes, Good Sole

 My boyfriend has great taste in everything but footwear. How do I get him to change his shoes without sounding rude? –Virginia Dear Virginia, Let’s…

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Meet Your Ask Him Guy

Ever have a bestie with a beard (not a Kardashian) who you could come to with your questions about life, love, and power tools? Did…

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