Meet Your Ask Him Guy

come on, just ask.

come on, just ask.

Ever have a bestie with a beard (not a Kardashian) who you could come to with your questions about life, love, and power tools? Did you count on said bestie for a well-informed, unbiased opinion that wouldn’t leave you high and dry with your skirt tucked into your underwear? A guy who would tell you what you needed to hear because he was there to help… not what you wanted to hear so he could help himself to you know what.

Welcome to Ask Him, a rare window into the psyche of the male mind, a chance to John Malkovich Joe Schmoe. This is where I’ll field all of those deep complex and potentially existential questions about men, men’s style, amateur home improvement, bourbon, and how to decipher one-liner late night texts. For example, want to know how to get your husband and/or boyfriend out of those Affliction t-shirts? Wondering how to change a drill bit? Need a pep-talk? I can do it all.

Qualifications you ask? Just call it a long meandering walk through life wrought with mostly trial and error education and the trying on of many proverbial hats from broker to carpenter, jet-setter to howdy-neighbor, and playboy to boyfriend of the year (awaiting confirmation on that nomination, ahem).

I soaked it up so you can squeeze this cheese for the elixir of wisdom behind the modern man. Ladies, start your engines, try not to stall, and start asking. –Christopher Brown

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