Make a Resolution to Write This Year

With one month of 2017 officially under our belts, many of us are approaching that all-too-familiar point where the promises we made to ourselves for the New Year begin to fall to the wayside. It’s no surprise; New Year’s resolutions come by their bad reputation honestly.

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Sound Off: Why I Won’t Educate People This Year

I’ve spent the better part of the last decade trying to make people more understanding, trying to explain, patiently and logically, how privilege works and why, no, someone else getting the rights you have always enjoyed does not create inequality. But no more.

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Why Grasshoppers Could Be the Beef of the Future

By now, you may have heard the consensus from the scientific community that beef is not the most sustainable food option out there as far as the environment goes. Many people argue that there are healthier places to get protein from that also don’t have such a large carbon footprint.

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