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Trans Women Impacted by U.S. Estrogen Shortage

Across the U.S., hundreds of thousands of women and girls face a potentially endless shortage of life-saving medication. You likely haven’t heard about the crisis, however, because the injectable estrogen shortage disproportionately impacts trans women.

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Study: Women Live Longer Outside of Major Cities

You might already know that women live longer than men, and that inhabitants of some cities have longer lifespans than others, but it might be news to you that women live longer when they choose to live outside of major cities.

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#MEinEndo Campaign Helps Empower Women

Hosted by SheKnows Media, a leading women’s lifestyle media platform, #BlogHer16 brought more than 3500 women content creators from the realms of social media, video, photography, and blogs and connected them with one another, along with brands, vendors, and media professionals.

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