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Having the Talk

I have a situation: is the “talk” always necessary when dating or is it ever implied that you’re exclusive? Like when you start sleeping together,…

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The #1 First Date Question

Alt Text

The question that has been asked a million times but never really answered to my satisfaction: do you completely lose any chance of seriously dating…

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Dude, Stop Texting.

Why don’t guys make phone calls anymore? What happen to the art of a conversation? Why do they only text? Is it a generational thing…

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Moving In With Your Beau

After two years together, my boyfriend and I are finally moving in together. Any tips — i.e. how to combine styles, what to bring, what…

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Bad Shoes, Good Sole

 My boyfriend has great taste in everything but footwear. How do I get him to change his shoes without sounding rude? –Virginia Dear Virginia, Let’s…

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Meet Your Ask Him Guy

Ever have a bestie with a beard (not a Kardashian) who you could come to with your questions about life, love, and power tools? Did…

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