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Bras Without Benefits

Bras Without Benefits: Study Measures No Positive Effects

Uncomfortable, restrictive, and expensive– it’s not as if we needed a reason to bid brassieres adieu. But thanks to a French study, maybe the peek-a-boob…

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Namaste'd Away Too Long

Namaste'd Away Too Long: Getting Back Into Yoga

With how often I wear yoga pants, you’d think I was a master. But if a seasoned and in-touch yoga expert is a yogi, I’m…

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Red Ace Beet Juice Review

Red Ace Organic Beet Performance Supplements claim that daily consumption of the beet shot will “boost athletic performance,” “increase stamina,” and may even help lower…

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Superfoods You Need to Eat

We got the inside scoop from Supper Society’s founders and foodies, Danielle Larson, a classically trained natural foods chef that studied at Bauman College in…

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