In With the Nudes: Has Nail Art Become Tacky?

Has Nail Art Become Tacky?

a blank canvas is the new wave in nails.

Is nail art falling out of favor among fashionable females?  Many tastemakers predict that the lifecycle of  the nail art trend has run its course, and the backlash has began against brandishing bright colors and manicures with complex motifs . Lucky magazine  insists that neutral nails have made a comeback, praising beautifully buff hues like beige, brown, and crisp classic white.  Glamour magazine also featured lighter looks last month for ladies who are “Tired of crazy, complicated nail polish ideas.”

“I have very strong feelings about this topic. Unless you are under the age of 13, nail art is just not OK (same goes for neons, pastels, and glitter). I would rather have bare, unpainted nails than have to wear any nail color other than Ballet Slippers or Step Right Up,” Lucky Associate Fashion Credits Editor Adrianna Barrionuevo ranted.  Girls of a Certain Age blog commenter Amy agreed wholeheartedly, swearing, “I’m over the nail art. It seemed kind of fun at first, but it’s gotten out of hand (no pun intended). It’s a non-issue for me as I have neither the nails nor the patience to try do it.”
But not all ladies are ready to brush off fun fingertips. Though Lucky magazine’s Executive Digital EditorVerena von Pfetten,  conceded that darling designs are growing tiresoome, she also enthused that bold colors can be timeless, saying, “Nail art may be dead, but I’d sooner give up my red lipstick than give up my punchy nail colors. While prints and patterns and—even worse, jewels!—are starting to feel as done as the mullet dress, super-saturated polishes in primary colors are fresh, modern, and varied enough that you’ll never get bored. I’m really feeling Essie’s Saturday Disco right now, just FYI.” Do you find nail art to be too tricky to tackle or do you endeavor to keep your nail polish simple because the trend is passe?  What neutral color do you think could become the go-to if audacious art is indeed over?  –– Casandra Armour

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