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So Our Smartphones Are Making Our Grips Weaker

All the time we spend holding onto our smartphones is having some serious effects on our bodies. Not only are we bending our necks forward at unnatural angles to peer down at the screens, but apparently we’re also weakening our grips.

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Why Strength Training Is So Important for Women

As someone who once pledged her loyalty to cardio and cardio alone, I wanted to get to the bottom of things; namely, figure out exactly why I feel (and look) so much healthier since switching to a more balanced workout regimen that incorporates regular doses of weight and strength training.

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On Balancing Your Fitness Goals with Life Experiences

I PROMISED MYSELF THAT I WOULD STAY ON TRACK, that I wouldn’t let being away from home and plucked out of my daily routine derail me. Along with my workout clothes and running shoes, I also packed a three-week supply of protein powder to help me stick to my healthy-eating plan and stave off temptation.

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