Most Women Think They’re Hotter than Their Besties


“Gurl, you trippin.”


Especially when they point out how delusional we are. In recent news, the mobile app Skout surveyed over 3,000 people, and determined that 62 percent of women think that they are better-looking than their best friend. And in case your morning/early afternoon coffee hasn’t kicked in yet… those numbers are mathematically impossible. Ladies, we’re clearly missing something.

Researchers, if you’re reading this, I would like to know what markers you were asking participants to use in measuring their attractiveness, since, realistically, one person might think you’re hot while his or her friend might think your friend is the winner. ICYMI: Attractiveness is arbitrary. Anyways, what I think this study is really telling us — besides that researchers have too much time on their hands — is that, despite our concerns over thigh gaps and how our lips measure up to the Kardashian/Jenner clan, we might all actually be a little more confident than we thought.

Ultimately, there’s not a lot of harm in thinking that you’re cuter than your best friend, as long as you don’t think that automatically makes you better than her. Oh, and as long as you’re not rubbing it in her face. steal guys from her, or otherwise being a terrible friend/human being, of course. If anything, it might cut down on some of the potential “competition” between girls if we all just thought we had no competition to begin with.

The survey also found that women in their 40s tend to be the most confident overall; the amount of women who felt they were better-looking than their best friends in that range jumped to 64 percent.

Men, on the other hand, seemed to meet the mark a little more realistically in the self-evaluation department. Only 52 percent of the guys surveyed thought they were better-looking than their partners-in-crime.

From this news, one might deduce that guys actually do know when girls are “out of their league” — they just hit on them anyway. Well, we could draw that conclusion if 40 percent of men hadn’t said that their best friend was a woman, with only 35 percent saying that their best friend was a guy.

Women might have slightly more skewed views when it comes to looks in their friendships, but thankfully it doesn’t affect how much they value having those kinds of friendships. While only 75 percent of men said that they had a best friend, 90 percent of women confirmed that they did.

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