A Bag On a Mission

Activyst is on a mission to help girls play sports by creating the athletic bag you’ve always wanted.
Activyst is a combination of two words – active and catalyst – because when girls are active, it’s a catalyst for change in their lives. Their mission is to change the world by helping girls play sports. They do this by creating bold, functional athletic bags that generate funding for girls’ sports organizations worldwide, and it all started with a trip to Nicaragua where they kept spotting boys in the streets playing sports, but no girls.

Studies show a girl who plays sports:

Is less likely to get pregnant or engage in risky sexual behavior
Is less likely to stay in an abusive relationship
Has reduced risk of breast cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and other chronic diseases
Achieves higher levels of education, and does better in school and work
Gains confidence, positive body image, resilience, and leadership skills
Is less likely to suffer from depression

The Active Bag ($145) has pockets for your shoes, yoga mat, laptop and personal items. Its estimated delivery date is November 2013. Buy it as an early Christmas present for the active lady in your life.


To get involved, check out their campaign here: Activyst IndieGogo

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