LASIK Is Terrifying: Why You Should Stick to Contacts

Closeup of a woman inserting a contact lens in her eye

Eye can see clearly now.

LAST YEAR, I vowed that by the end of 2015, I would get LASIK eye surgery and finally, finally be able to kiss my contacts and glasses goodbye.

Well, we are officially days into 2016, and this morning still found me in the bathroom, popping in my contacts as I was finishing up getting ready for work.

Most people in my life wouldn’t be hard-pressed to think of a time when I said I would do something and didn’t actually follow through, but in this case, I feel justified in not keeping true to my vow. Have you seen what LASIK entails? And you’re aware of them digging around in your corneas the entire time. I’m not usually squeamish — I once saw a live lamb being slaughtered (don’t ask) without so much as blinking an eyelid — but this video had me gagging and my eyes twitching like I had a nervous tic the entire 9 minutes. You’ve been warned.

Maybe when enough time passes, I’ll be able to muster up the emotional fortitude to go under the laser/knife. But until I do, I’ll stick to popping a lens in each eye every morning, thank you very much! And honestly, it’s not as tedious as I make it sound — not if you have comfortable lenses and a good, reliable contact lens solution.

thumbnailFresh from beating myself up about not having the lady-balls to go through with the surgery (I cancelled, I’ll be honest), I noticed I was out of contact lens solution. A few days earlier, a friend of mine (and fellow former four-eyes) told me about a contact lens solution called Opti-Free PureMoist that she recently started using, and sent me a link to a $2 off coupon. At the time, I was all like: “Thanks, but I won’t be needing coupons like this anymore, I’m getting LASIK.” Ugh. How could you be so haughty and so naive, 2015-me?

Tail between my legs, I asked her to send me the link again, and I am so happy that was the bigger person and did so without making too much fun of me because 1) this solution is just so nice and makes my eyes feel fresher than a newborn’s and 2) the struggle is real right now and I’m down to channel my inner coupon-queen if I can save 2 bucks on anything.

Best part? They accept this coupon at any big-chain drugstore (I’m talking about the ones that rhyme with Small-Queens, Brite-Laid, and PGS), so it’s not like you have to drive fifty miles to cash this bad boy in. Best part, part two? It’s the #1 doctor-recommended brand, so you can rest assured that it’s not going to make you go blind or anything shady like that. And like I said, it’s actually really comfortable! So if you’re still using contacts, there’s really no reason not to print out this coupon and try Opti-Free PureMoist contact lens solution for yourself. Your eyes — and your wallet — will thank you for it.

You can that bet I’ll keep using Opti-Free. (At least until I work up the courage to give LASIK another go. Here’s hoping 2016 will be my year.)