The Present Overload

Wedding season means gifts, but thinking of all the gifts you’ll need to buy– not to mention the cost of a plane ticket for destination…

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Great Gatsby Covers

If we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past, then so does Fitzgerald’s most noted work. We can’t seem to…

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My House is on Fire

We knew we had to get out. My boyfriend was going to rush to the other end of the building to see if he could…

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Say It Ain't LiLo

Lindsay Lohan is starting a blog

The mundane on-goings of Lindsay Lohan as a decadent perpetual defendant keep clamoring for the spotlight and somehow getting it. And the newest media buzz…

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Emotional Menopause

Between my feet are two perfectly cylindrical teardrops, a pair of emerald stains on the slate floors of this bathroom. I’m sitting on the toilet,…

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Love in New York

When she isn’t writing for Lady Clever, jetting (minus the setting) to modeling jobs, or drowning her sorrows, Jenny Bahn is busy looking for love,…

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