Honey Please: A Brunette's Go-To Lip Gloss From Mark

Mark's Glow Baby Glow: A Brunette's Go To Lip Gloss

the bee’s knees

Mark’s Glow Baby Glow Hook Up Lip Gloss in “Honey” is my very own honey, my absolute sweetheart go-to gloss, now. A Beauty Army offering a few months back, I wouldn’t have picked up the Avon offshoot’s lip color myself and when it arrived I wasn’t blown away, though I tend to mostly dig Mark make-up.  Was this a Hook-Up I just might not be that into? (Ahem, hook-ups are Mark’s signature packaging, of course: a double ended device that holds two make-up tubes.) Instead I fell in love, with both the color and the formula. Here’s why.

Without any guesswork, the neutral shade “Honey” hit the spot  and I’d imagine it to easily be universally flattering (as I’m sure Beauty Army intended for ease of distribution). As a brunette with a pale complexion, it’s sometimes tricky to find a shade that isn’t too pink nor too orangey with my skin tone but complements dark features, brown hair and eyes. This gloss strikes a beautiful balance, warm but not tinted too tangy. Its pigment is pretty but not too thick: think more put-together and less prissy. Glow Baby Glow Gloss does the job of a lip color without the work lipstick can take, in one step.

“Glistening shine, sheer color and minty freshness all in one” Mark’s description promises. “Lips stay smooth and moisturized, with a slick and sexy finish.”  The silky gloss itself definitely sold me on its supple feel with a shiny look. The application is creamy but not in that gooey, fly paper-feeling way. (MAC Lip Glass users, you know what I’m talking about). There’s no aggressive teeny-bopper flavor but not an unpleasant plastic-y taste either, it’s a pleasant hint of mint that feels fresh. Hook up with Glow Baby Glow in Honey and you’ll fall head over heels too.

 — Casandra Armour

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