Glitter Nail Art We'll Be Trying This Summer

portrait of woman with golden nails and gold chain

for love of glitter or star trek.

Our mother had a kids clothing company in the 90’s that used a ton of glitter. No, it wasn’t Lisa Frank. As a result, we always are down to bring on the sparkle, especially when it comes to nails. (There was a time in our life when we may have owned nearly 100 bottles.)

This summer, we plan to rock some serious nail art, and it all begins with the glitter.

Here are some designs that are already on our must try list:

Pink & Gold – We love that the glitter placement is near the cuticles for this one, and think it would be a lovely design for a wedding, bridal shower, or just a girls brunch somewhere sweet.

Gradient Gold – Yes, we are obsessed with gold, and we love the combination with the light beige here. The gradient glitter effect is much easier to achieve than you might expect, and for those of you with a less than sturdy hand, you don’t need to be crazy neat or precise. We’d rock these for a summer night out anytime. Golden skin, golden nails… golden goddess.

Pink Polka Dot(ish) – These aren’t polka dots, per se, but the sprinkling of the polish makes it look that way. We love how girly and playful this looks.

Magical Mystery Colors – Yes, these are just as mystical as the name suggests. They look like mood rings in many cases, and we love that they espouse glitter, but in a more subtle way.

Check out Julep’s Bombshell Starter Box, and recreate the Bombshell look.

Are you into the nail art trend? What are some of your favorite colors and designs to wear?

-Sasha Huff

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