Odd Airlines That Actually Exist

06If you’re an experienced traveler who has amassed an impressive amount of frequent flyer miles under your belt, no doubt you’re familiar with a majority of the airlines. But even the most seasoned jetsetter may not know about certain airlines that fly “below the radar.” Here’s a guide to some of the more random airlines that are currently gracing our skies along with the rest of them:

EVA Air Hello Kitty Jet – By the looks of the cute Hello Kitty cartoon drawings on the outside of the plane, this looks like a dream ride for any middle-school age girl in Japan. And it is. EVA Air, a major Asian airline, has five Hello Kitty airplanes that fly passengers to cities throughout China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Guam. Each plane has a different theme: Happy Music, Speed Puffs, Loves Apples, Magic Stars and Around the World. On-board amenities include headrests, pillows, playing cards, dental floss, and even Hello Kitty-themed toilet paper. Attendants are outfitted in Hello Kitty uniforms and serve various treats such as ice cream, fruit and pasta – all of which are shaped like Hello Kitty.

Pet Airways – Launched in 2009, this was designed for the dedicated pet lover who wants to ensure that his or her pet travels comfortably wherever they go. Unlike a majority of airlines that place pets in the cargo department, pets are the primary passengers in this place and sit in the main cabin, tended to by flight attendants who feed them, take them on bathroom breaks and make sure that all of their pet needs are met. As an added bonus, the pets get their own airport lounge, where they can wait for their owners to come and get them. Oh, and pet owners aren’t allowed to fly on this airline – it’s for pets only.

Kulula Airlines – Sounds Hawaiian, but it’s actually African. One of the more low-cost airlines, Kululua has been in operation for the past ten years and travels to South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mauritius and Namibia. Known as the “airline with a sense of humor” with everything from the bright neon green exterior to the sign that reads “the mile-high club initiation chamber” to the flight attendants and pilots who deliver funny one-liners during safety instructions, passengers never encounter a dull moment while in-flight.

Naked Air – Nudists want their own communities and now they want their own airline. Unfortunately, this novel idea didn’t yield quite as much success as originally intended and Naked Air only had two flights from Miami to Cancun and back again. The flights were offered to nudists who were going to Cancun to partake in a clothing-optional festival, and once they reached cruising altitude and the seatbelt signs went off, the clothing went too. The airline staff remained clothed, however, and all middle seats were kept empty in order to offer more room and comfort to passengers. A German airline attempted a similar feat in 2009, but the flight was cancelled at the last minute due to “moral concerns.”

Hooters Air – While this airline has been defunct since 2006, it certainly had its moment in the spotlight. Each flight had two Hooters flight attendants who would entertain passengers with trivia games, provided beverage service and even sold Hooters merchandise. The primary goal of the airline, which promised “delightfully tacky yet unrefined” service, was to attract sports enthusiasts and tournament golfers traveling to the various championship golf courses in Myrtle Beach. The airline ultimately folded after running into competition with other low-fair carriers, along with the rising price of fuel.

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