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Overwatch Reaction Shows That We Aren’t There Yet

On December 20, Blizzard Entertainment revealed that Tracer — the most visible character in its popular multi-platform video game, Overwatch — is a lesbian. Although it was initially unclear whether Tracer identified as lesbian, bisexual, or something else, Overwatch Lead Writer Michael Chu confirmed her sexuality in a December 22 tweet.

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The Feminism of: Rihanna

From her entrance to the world of popular music to her most recent album, Rihanna has held our attention, surprised us, and transformed before our eyes.

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NPR Invisibilia Host Hanna Rosin’s Success is Clear

While some people are more concerned with squad goals, Hanna Rosin should be envied for her accomplished goals. Rosin is the critically acclaimed author of two books, and has written hundreds of articles for magazines like The Atlantic and Slate.

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Heroine Complex & Its Asian American Superheroines

AMERICAN CULTURE has an obsession with its superheroes.

Since the days when Superman first flew onto the scene, they’ve draw the biggest appeal at the box office, held our attention week after week on TV, and populated the pages of novels and comic books alike.

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