For Aesthetician Kat Rudu, Your Beauty Is Her Life

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the maven herself.

IT CAN BE DIFFICULT for one woman to stand out in the saturated beauty industry. For Kat Rudu, standing out has never been her problem. The Romanian-born beauty cum Kate Moss doppelgänger has always followed her heart, thus attracting people and success into her life through her belief that you must nurture both your body and soul to bring out your true beauty. This has been the founding principle of her pure, biotic beauty product line, KÁT Rudu Beauty, and each of the signature treatments — including Jet Set Facial, which has become a celebrity favorite. Kat’s mantra is, “Your beauty is my life,” and that philosophy radiates through every aspect of KÁT Rudu Beauty. Kat spoke with Lady Clever about becoming a major player in the beauty business and, more importantly, her philosophy on highlighting women’s inner beauty.

What inspired you to start KÁT Rudu Beauty? 
My dream has always been to have my own company. I love the feeling that I own something, something that is mine. The word “success” is oddly sexy to me.

I also love strong, powerful women. When a woman like Ivanka Trump, Hillary Clinton or Victoria Beckham works hard to follow her dream and make a difference in the world, even when there is no financial need, that inspires me.

What was it about skincare and helping other women’s skin that attracted you to this concept?
Beauty is the one thing I know best.

Women buy products to make them feel pretty, strong and ageless. I believe when a woman’s complexion is clean and glowing, her confidence ignites. That is what KÁT Rudu Beauty stands for.

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What was most important to you when you were developing your own line of products?
I wanted to bring a sexiness to skin care. It was important for my natural collection to be brightening, fresh and parabens-and-synthetics-free with pure, biotic ingredients. For example, when creating my Liquid Lift, I wanted to include the highest potency of peptides, hyaluronic acid and sea minerals and to make it excellent for acne-prone skin. Each of my products represents a facial with me.

Can you tell our readers a bit about Jet Set Facial?
I created the Jet Set Facial with European products and medical technology, layered with my KÁT Rudu Beauty collection. The treatment is customizable according to every client’s skin type. Depending on the skin’s needs, it can include my own mixture of Parisian masks and French facial oils, Dermaroller needling to stimulate cell regeneration and uneven skin, DiamondTome, infrared light and heat to tighten the skin, enzymes, peptides, and meticulous extractions.

What do you consider KÁT Rudu Beauty’s biggest achievement so far?
My biggest achievement is that women genuinely love my products.

When I first began with this crazy idea, I didn’t know if anyone would purchase my collection. Now, I find it an astounding achievement to be welcomed into the beauty world through people buying my products. I get weekly emails from women thanking me for inspiring them to start their own journey of following their dreams to create their own careers and companies.

What has been the biggest challenge starting and running your clinic and KÁT Rudu Beauty products?
My biggest challenge was a fear that I would not succeed in my dream. When I finally announced that I was creating a pure, biotic collection, a few people said: “Who needs another line?” Well, I did it, I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere. Truth.

What are your current goals for KÁT Rudu Beauty?
I’m excited about revamping my new collection with packaging, for which I am on a tight schedule to have completed by April 2015. I’m also excited to be selling retail globally this year.

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How does it feel to have such a huge celebrity following and to have such great success in the very competitive beauty industry after a short amount of time?
I treat all my beautiful clients the same. I am very thankful that my celebrity clients trust me, as they are constantly in front of the camera.

And it has not been such a short time: I’ve been dreaming, saving and working on KÁT Rudu Beauty for 12 years!

You believe that true beauty comes from within. Can you tell us a little bit about your philosophy for living a healthy, positive life that will help your inner beauty shine?
Never be hard on yourself. Take time to enjoy the things you love in life. Don’t always wait until tomorrow, because tomorrow may not be there. Refrain from being jealous of other women, but instead be proud there is inspiration around you. I believe when a woman lives a full life, her beauty shines.

For women who can’t visit your clinic, what is one thing they can do on their own to improve the quality of their skin?
Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, exercise and try a weekly hot yoga class, which helps to bring a healthy glow to the complexion.

Also, it is essential to exfoliate at least three times a week and to treat yourself to a hydration mask once a week.

And smile!


It doesn’t get easier than a smile. Get that grin on and grab a glass of H2O!

To book an appointment with Kat or to purchase KÁT Rudu Beauty products, visit her site. Kat also inspires women about beauty and living life to the fullest on social media. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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