Why You Shouldn't Just Smile And Nod

herd mentality is mental.

herd mentality is mental.

I did not think that Aziz Ansari’s “Buried Alive” Netflix special was funny. There I said it. There were parts that I kind of thought were funny, but isn’t the whole point of stand-up comedy to actually laugh?  Apparently I’m in the minority with my opinion. Friends that I spoke with professed how it was “freakin hilarious” and how Ansari is the funniest person in comedy today.  But is he?

While the funny factor of Aziz Ansari is debatable I couldn’t help but wonder if everyone was on the Ansari train because they actually think he’s funny or if they are just scared to say that he isn’t. Society has recently deemed him funny and if you don’t think he’s funny then what you’re really saying is that you clearly have no sense of humor. Childhood dynamics haven’t been left in childhood.  Rarely does someone want to be the odd man out and say something contrary to popular opinion.  It’s as if admitting that you don’t think that this special was funny or that Kate Upton is hot or that Breaking Bad was the best TV show EVER, there’s something wrong with you.

But there isn’t.  Just because you have your own opinions doesn’t mean that you’re the outcast. And if you think it does you should change your way of thinking. It’s time to take control back.  Enjoy being different and having a different point of view.  It’s really boring when everyone has the same exact thoughts- especially when it comes to men and women.  Because lets face it, don’t we all want someone that is going to challenge us?

So the next time you don’t agree with the majority, take pride in it.  Whether it’s politics or a silly comedy special, don’t just smile and nod in agreement with what everyone else is saying.  You’ll enjoy showing off your pearly whites much more when you act like yourself.

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