What Would Francis Underwood Do?

500fullThe Netflix series House of Cards has already been picked up for season three and most of you just finished binge watching season two. The recent State of the Union address and the upcoming season got me thinking about how Francis would react to some real world situations that could help him politically. Here’s what I’ve come up with.

1. The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

Frank Underwood would be all over this like cabbage on…another Russian food. First he’d find some kind of way to get all of that Chobani yogurt to the athletes. Then to stick it to the Russian government he’s probably have Stamper create some kind of fake incident that he could then thwart and would become a hero and would help deteriorate Russia’s security and credibility while praising America’s vigilance.

2. Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Death

Underwood would publicly mourn Hoffman’s passing on CNN and Meet The Press before gathering a who’s who of Hollywood to draft and support new policies on drugs and prosecution for drug dealers. He’d secretly tell Claire that drugs were a form of natural selection but publicly he’d condemn traffickers and dealers and would urge society to vote fore stricter drug laws that included more jail time for repeat offenders. And with George Clooney at his side he’d be able to pass anything- and he knows it. This would help give him footing for any future political aspirations.

That’s what Francis Underwood would do if he was the Whip in the real world. But I can’t wait to see what he does next on the show!

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