What to do With Those Instagram Pics

put it on a postcard.

put it on a postcard.

If you’re like most people, you probably use Instagram more than you’d like to admit, even if it isn’t taking away from other important moments in life.  Maybe you experience taking pictures of your coffee and macaroon as a welcome break for energizing your mind. We’re not judging. However you use your Instagram, odds are that you have some pics in there that you would prefer to let live than fall by the wayside. Here are some reasonable ways to carry out their life expectancy without having to get super crafty.


Throw out all those magnets from your local mechanic and pizza guy and replace them with your own glorious photos. Selfies are fair game if they have a cool enough filter right? It’s art. With Sticky Gram you can order a sheet of nine for $14.99 with free shipping. Call it a kitchen facelift.


The setting: your next wine and TV party. The main attraction: your coasters. This seems like the best way to keep your friends reminded about that year you studied abroad without losing any of those friends due to repeat storytelling. Oh that? Yes I did once spend Bastille Day in Paris taking photos of fireworks behind the lit up Eiffel Tower. You like? With Coastergram they’re only $4.95 a pop.

Post Cards

It’s common knowledge than anyone who sends out holiday cards to their friends and family get bonus points in the crafty round even if it’s just of their dog wearing a pilgrim hat. Imagine the possibilities of sending out postcards at random. “Pilates is great, wish you were here!” An app like Postagram will mail your photo of choice with your customized text content, so you don’t even have to do the writing.


If you’d like to keep your favorite snapshots even closer to home, you can always cover a throw pillow with them. And hug them. This could be a great way to showcase a consistent theme like your afternoon cloud formation photos, or just choose a bunch of favorites and throw them on at random. Stichstagram will digitally print 25 of your pics onto canvas and make your adorable collage pillow by hand. Warning: they also make coin purses.


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