Top Model: Tyra Banks Poses as Other Supermodels

Model Citizen: Tyra Banks Models as Other Super Models

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Tyra Banks took walking in someone else’s shoes to a new level and showed off still razor-sharp modeling skills by posing in uncanny impressions of her famous peers, with no digital enhancement. Banks’ stylist Ty-Ron Mayes and photographer Udo Spreitzenbarth’s teamed up for careful recreation of each star’s signature sexy look, from hair and makeup to poses and postures, creating stunning works that instantly convey each woman’s influence. If that weren’t an interesting enough premise, the images have been presented without any digital manipulation.

Spreitzenbarth says that the goal behind the project is “to address the powerful nature of these well-known symbols, while reminding them that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” his website explains.  “In the age of pixilated veils, there is no digital manipulation to the imagery. 15 is Tyra Banks in raw, un-retouched images.”

The exhibition’s press release states that “the photography, styling, and transformative hair and make-up, along with Banks’ extraordinary ability to emulate each character, takes the notion of ‘black and white’ beyond the portrayed models’ varying ethnicity and a description of the photographs.”

She tweeted a promo for the ’15’ exhibit [above] on Saturday, September 7,  a sneak preview of only three in a fifteen-piece series. Tyra choose fourteen of some of the world’s most famous models to mimic, along with a single reflection of herself as a young model at the age of, you guessed it, fifteen years old.

Top Model: Tyra Banks Poses as Other Super ModelsThrough the use of “transformative hair and make-up,” the collaboration turned Tyra [left] into iconic retro and modern images of Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, Kate Upton, Brooke Shields, Claudia Schiffer, Twiggy, Karlie Kloss, Iman, Grace Jones, Cara Delevingne, Linda Evangelista, Lauren Hutton, Carmen Dell’Orefice, Jerry Hall, and turned back time on Tyra herself to reflect her as a teen starting out in the industry.

Tyra is one of four African Americans and seven women to have repeatedly ranked among the world’s most influential people by Time magazine, according to Wikipedia. A former talk-show host, reality show pioneer (America’s Next Top Model), entrepreneur, and Harvard Business school student, the thirty-nine-year old showed that modeling can still be ranked high on her extensive resume.

The beautiful and fascinating exhibit opened in time for New York Fashion week at Jack Studios in New York City and runs through Nov. 9.

Go to Huff Post Style for the full set of fifteen pics.Casandra Armour

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