Too Much is Never Enough

dumps like a truck?

dumps like a truck?

Four years ago, a friend of mine was going through relationship troubles with her then-boyfriend. Struggling with the idea of letting go of a person she loved very much, she, like many models tend to do, sought the advice of another half-naked coworker, an older Brazilian girl with whom she had often been trapped in a closet with for long stretches of time, alternating between trying on clothes for strangers and talking about life. Before the break-up that inevitably came, the Brazilian, in her deep, sexy Portuguese accent told my friend, “Girl, do not worry. You have too much sand for his sand truck.”

Too young and stupid to know any better, my friend and I had a good laugh about this phrase, being that – at least to us — it was clear much had been tragically lost in the translation. Sand?! Sand truck?! Hilarious! But, sure enough, the wisdom of our Brazilian friend’s phrase only become ever the more apparent as the years went on, when we, as girls turning into women, began to see the sand for the dunes, as it were, and the weight of our proverbial load in someone else’s truck.

My friend, much like myself, isn’t the lightest load. She’s passionate, spacey, outrageously beautiful. She makes loud jokes and is the first person to dance in the middle of the room. She is, by all accounts, my favorite kind of sand. But, like the Brazilian prophesized, it was too much for the aforementioned boyfriend. Her passion needed a sort of crazed reciprocation, her big heart needed someone with an even bigger one. Following the end of that relationship, she dated, and, like many of us, dated badly. Until, finally, she found someone who could handle it – all of it. The guy with the big enough sand truck.

It takes a lot to find that complementary person, if you’re lucky enough to ever find them at all. Over the years, a lot of puzzle pieces get jammed into place, boys dating girls they don’t actually love and vice versa for criminally long stretches of time, only to be wrenched away from one another because they didn’t fit in the first place. What the Brazilian meant was that if my friend’s relationship ended, it would be for the best. You’ve got to hold out for that right person. You’ve got to find someone who can carry the load.

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