Theme Parks We Are Ready to Try


off the tracks.

Something about home for the holidays (and the release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) brings out our inner kid, and right now our inner kid is really ramped up that theme parks are about to get a lot more exciting.

As far as the actual “theme” part goes, Disney and Universal Studios have always come out way on top but they haven’t considerably expanded with anything pop culture related anytime recently. (Besides details like adding Johnny Depp into Pirates of the Caribbean ride. We appreciate that.)

It’s not that you need a theme to experience the thrill and whiplash of being tossed around on a roller coaster, but if it’s an added appeal it seems like a n0-brainer. We certainly love our movies and we love our entertainment. Think about the dedication it takes people to line up for the first showing of a movie even when they could go to the next time slot without waiting. There’s a thrill factor with film and it’s like the butter to a theme park’s hot bread.

Lately we have seen so many of these popular young adult fantasy book series turning into movie series and turning franchise gold…so why let the fun trail off there?

While it hasn’t been confirmed that any actual plans are in action, it is official news that executives at Lionsgate have been approached with multiple offers to create a Hunger Games themed theme park. Or two. If they accept the offers they would be following close on the footsteps of many other movies turned real life entertainment.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando has rides, a Hogwarts castle, and wand workshops from a wand combat coordinator because that’s a real job title and you deserve to know what he knows. Walt Disney World is launching an Avatar attraction in 2017, and Fox is opening a giant theme park with rides based on Life of Pi, Predator, and Night at the Museum. A little variety, in case you tire of technologically advanced extraterrestrials quickly.

These over the top experiences appeal to both the child and the adult in everyone. It makes perfect sense that books and movies that cross all age boundaries make really fun themes for a park attraction. Who doesn’t want to ride around in a chariot at the Hunger Games? This could be the one place you can wear your Katniss shirt without looking like a middle school student or a stalker. Themed clothing choices are encouraged at theme parks, probably.

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