"We Can Bark": The Pet Collective Puppies Parody Miley Cyrus' Party Vid

"We Can Bark": Miley Cyrus + Puppies = Win

she’s just being maltey.

Put your paws up for the most bangin’ puppy parody video of the summer, from the precocious pooches (and their people) at The Pet Collective. Miley Cyrus has come a long way from innocent awe at the dizzying spectacle of Hollywood in her 2009 single “Party in the USA” to release this summer’s infectious dub-drenched party song “We Can’t Stop”, that now revels in that same ridiculousness and excess. Take this crazy anti-establishment celebration of shirking all the rules, and act it out with canines, and it reaches a whole new level of mind-blowing.

Miley’s video for the song takes the its youthful hedonism and hits you over the head with it. It’s a whirlwind through turns of twerking with friends (sans unicorn suit and instead donning a fitted ivory cat suit– not the fuzzy kind with whiskers, the kind that shows off your butt), lounging with lots of pasty artsy-sorts in a post pool party haze, dancing with giant teddy bears, a makeout session in the pool with a Miley/Barbie doll, and lots of bizarre abuses of food. Mashable grabbed seventeen gifs of what they (and we, collectively as a culture, I think) found the be “the most WTF moments” from “We Can’t Stop”, for those unfamiliar it’s a great primer. From the first moment Miley snaps a gleaming gold grill into her perfect teeth, to the end where she and her crew go ghetto and wave hiphop-inspired hand signals while wistfully watching the sun rise, it’s clear that Hannah Bandana wants shed the Disney image and show off some street cred. Oh, and now, imagine all of this done with dogs.

Okay, not all of it. But The Pet Collective, known for their video parodies of Top 40 hits like Barklemore’s “Pet Shop”, manages to capture the carefree atmosphere of Miley’s video without mocking it in mean-spirited fashion and the result is a riot. Their leading lady “Maltey Cyrus” is a mischevious Maltipoo, and like Miley, she and her furry friends live in the lap of luxury with a yappy Y.O.LO. attitude. They bask lazily in the sun, paddle around a pool decked out in hot retro sunglasses and audacious jewelery (A necklace that boasts “Uncensored” in Miley’s video reads “Unleashed” in Maltey’s), topple around with giant teddy bears, make out with their likenesses in toy form, and more. Best of all? Three of the video’s stars were rescued from shelters in Los Angeles and adopted via Animal Advocates Alliance, according to The Pet Collective.  Casandra Armour

This is our bowl /This is my food /This is my crate/ And we can bark/ And we will bark :

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