Snuggling is the Absolute Best, So Would You Pay for it?

Snuggling is so popular these days (or so desperately needed) that snuggle businesses have been popping up on the regular. While they’ve mostly flown under the radar in California and New York, Wisconsin is putting a hold up on the state’s first to make sure things stay legit and un-sexy.

snuggling bunnies. need we say more?

snuggling bunnies. need we say more?

Local attorneys are understandably concerned about the fact that touching bodies sometimes leads to sex, and if the $60 per hour snuggles get out of hand The Snuggle House could turn into an unintentional whore house, which is a no-no.

The concept of course, is based on the fact that snuggling is the absolute best, but we always thought part of the draw was snuggling with someone who you like enough to snuggle. Apparently that’s not a requirement to get the oxytocin flowing.

You can get freebie snuggles at meetup groups for snugglers, (yes you can, we checked!), but we suppose the risks are similar to those who used to employ the now debunked “Casual Encounters” section on Craigslist. Although the same can be said when venturing into nowhere to pick up that must have mid-century table from a total stranger. Things happen.

The Snuggle House aims to remove the danger aspect by offering “professional snugglers” to ease your mind, and proper security equipment in case someone gets turned on and breaks some rules. Clients are pre-screened, so presumably sex-offenders are out. We must protect both the snugglers and the snuggees.

There are literally hundreds of people who are waiting for the Madison location to open its doors, so as soon as the snuggle hotspot gets their security and paperwork in order and promises no hooking…snuggles for everyone!

This isn’t weird? It seems a little weird. There are of course, people who have gone through life traumas and feel a bit of human disconnect. Who’s to say they shouldn’t be able to pay for some snuggling in an accepting environment? A good snuggle fest can cultivate the happiness we crave. Except, we all have relationship issues or trust issues or whatever that stop us from seeking that more authentic snuggle. Have we really reached a point where we’re paying strangers to hold us in foreign rooms with a whole bunch of security cameras pointed at us? It doesn’t sound that cozy, it just kind of bums us out. We need a hug.

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