Size Doesn't Matter: The Little Victories in Life Count Just As Much

everything is a-ok.

everything is a-ok.

You probably spent some portion of yesterday giving thanks. The other part you might have spent passed out on grandma’s couch. Hey, no food coma judgement here.

In the grand scheme of things most of us our incredibly lucky in any number of ways, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t have setbacks and disappointments. It’s human nature to dwell on these instead of the positive things going on in our lives. So how do we keep our heads above water when we feel like some days we’d rather just drown?

My answer is the little victories. Before I continue I’d like to emphasize that the word “little” is operative. If you have something as a goal, clearly it’s not easy to accomplish. The nature of the goal is that it’s something that you have to continuously work towards. And man, it can be incredibly frustrating. So how do you keep going on when you feel like you’re treading water instead of swimming?

Answer: the little victories. We all have them everyday. We get a meeting but it doesn’t have the outcome that we’d hoped for. Okay, we have to keep moving forward and pursuing our goal, but for sixty seconds step outside of yourself and stop and think about how many people would have been grateful to even have had that meeting.

Your boyfriend who’s a notorious recluse comes somewhere with you but doesn’t show and PDA. Okay, maybe you aren’t at the place that you eventually hope to be with him, but he made an effort and you see progress. Little victory.

My point is that in life we can always find the flaw in something or someone. We can always find a reason to be unhappy. But when you start adding up all of the little victories you have, it changes your whole mindset. You go from being a grump to feeling great.

It’s difficult to reset the way you think, but if you remember to only focus on the small victories in your life you will realize that there are so many that you can’t even remember the few setbacks you’ve faced.

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