Single and Ready to Jingle

putting a bow on holiday single-woes.

putting a bow on holiday single-woes.

If you’ve ever been single against your will, you’re familiar with how woeful a situation it can be. That couple sucking face across the room also seems to be sucking the very joy from your soul. Now, factor in the impending holidays to your solitary state, and it can be enough to make you want to torch an entire lot full of Christmas trees. Even if you’ve sworn off relationships and are single by design, you have to admit you feel a small pang in your chest every time “Home for Christmas” by N’Sync comes on the radio.

The holidays don’t have to be torture, though. If it’s cold outside and the only baby you have to cuddle with is yourself, face the facts with your head held high and get ready to give yourself a very long hug. Here are some tips on maintaining your sanity whilst single this holiday season:

Get by with a little help from your friends. Chances are, you’ll be invited to a party or two this season. You don’t have to sit them out just because you don’t have (or want) a partner to attend with. A good rule of thumb is to assume that guests who have significant others will want to take them along. Hopefully a few of your single friends will also be on the guest list, but if this isn’t the case, casually ask the host when you RSVP if it’s alright to bring a good friend. Unless it’s a dinner party or other formal event, the host will most likely say yes. You’ll feel more confident with someone you know well in your corner, and you’ll spend more time interacting with others and less thinking about how you’re flying solo.

Watch what you eat. One of the best things about the holiday season is the plethora of delicious goodies that you can snack on. From gingerbread to eggnog to pumpkin pies, there are countless opportunities to indulge your sweet tooth. Just because you’re eating for one doesn’t give you a pass to overindulge, however. Clever Allyson has already written a post on how to avoid going overboard at holiday parties, but some of our toughest ordeals happen at home when we’re feeling especially lonely. Stock your pantry with healthy essentials, like raw almonds, fresh fruit and vegetables, and sources of protein. If you need something more comforting, control calories and ingredients by making your own alternatives in advance, like these festive fruit and nut balls. You won’t feel half as guilty when you find yourself reaching for a snack in the middle of the night. Resist the urge to snack altogether and go for a jog; the endorphins released through exercise will have you feeling great without the calories!

Grab your gifts online. There’s no reason why you should be going to the mall to do your Christmas shopping, unless people-watching is one of your pastimes. Skip hectic stores and checkout lines, compare prices for the best deals, and even get your gifts customized, wrapped and delivered- all from the comfort of your own home. Another blessing online shopping provides is allowing you to avoid the couples that inevitably come crawling out of the woodwork. The closer it gets to Christmas, the more cutesy couples you will inevitably come across, especially at outdoor shopping malls like The Grove in Los Angeles and The Americana in Glendale. If that sounds like something that’ll sour your stomach, avoid these places like the plague. After all, you can get anything you want online these days.

Perhaps the best tip we can give you is to remember that this season is about appreciating all the relationships you have in your life, not just the romantic ones (or lack thereof). Spending time with the people you care about, like your family and friends, is a sure-fire way to keep a positive attitude and to recognize that life can still be fulfilling on your own. Keep your heads (and your hearts) up, and remember that after every winter, there always comes spring.

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