New App Lets You Insta-Stalk to Your Heart’s Content

FOR ALL YOUR PEEPS WHO CAN’T HELP BUT KEEP digital tabs on rivals/friends/potential boos, get ready to celebrate: Insta-stalking is about to become a lot more worry-free.
Maybe you’ve made the unthinkable blunder of accidentally liking a photo from 75 weeks ago on an account you don’t even follow, God heplp you. Or maybe you’ve inadvertently followed someone — only to immediately unfollow them. Damn those notifications to hell!

If you’ve managed to avoid heart-attack-inducing social (media) situations like these ones, then you probably at least know someone who has made some sort of stalking mess — or at least made things awkward. I was once at a new guy’s house, and my best friend accidentally liked a year-old photo of his dog. Of course, he noticed. And he actually said: “What a stalker.” I still cringe/get anxious remembering it, and it didn’t even happen to me.

That situation could have been a lot worse, but still. And even with experiences like that to serve as warnings, it’s not like we’re going to stop doing social media stalking anytime soon. A potential goldmine of information is literally right at our fingertips. Let’s face it — sometimes, Insta-stalking is just necessary to find out how exactly people know each other, what your boss does on the weekends, or to check out your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s, well, everything. Curiosity kills cats, not humans, after all.

Well, model Olivia Orchowski has answered the prayers of millions of lurkers worldwide by coming up with a handy solution that ensures we’ll never get caught scrolling again. Enter brand-new app Instasnoop. Perfectly named, Instasnoop let’s you build a “Snooplist” of accounts that you want to keep tabs on but don’t want to actually follow. Or accidentally like any photos. When you put accounts on the list, the app literally removes the option of liking or commenting while browsing through their photos. Genius.

In addition to putting people on your Snooplist, you can also add specific photos that you need to continue referencing when a mere screenshot won’t do. Sometimes you need to keep watch on the comments in real-time, right?

The app also keeps track of your friends and lets you know who isn’t following back, as well as giving you the option to zoom in on photos in case you need a closer look. And, honestly, who doesn’t?