Let’s Get Lavish: A Last Minute Luxury Holiday Gift Guide


Sometimes the things that we want aren’t necessarily the things that we need.  But that’s not going to deter our desire one bit. And isn’t that what holiday wish lists are for? Forget practicality and common sense. It’s all about the shiny, pretty, new things. Check out this list of lavish luxury items that we’re lusting after this holiday season (which you’ll probably be seeing on Rich Kids of Instagram in the upcoming weeks).

Starbucks Rose Gold Gift Card – That’s right, even your barista is in on it. The popular coffee chain recently released a limited-edition line of rose gold-colored metal Starbucks gift cards. And at a $450 price tag, that’s the equivalent of 128 lattes (grande size). This is the second year that Starbucks has teamed up with Gilt.com to sell the cards. And with only 1,000 available (and an 11,000 person wait-list), it’s no surprise that the cards sold out within minutes. Each card comes preloaded with $400 credit and gold status in Starbucks’ loyalty program. Dying to get your hands on one still? They’re currently selling on eBay for several times the price. Now that’s for the truly devoted fans.

Dom Pérignon Champagne Holder – The name alone drips of elegance and wealth, and Dom Pérignon is no stranger to combining art and champagne (remember their Andy Warhol collab and those amazing neon-colored labels?) This time the luxury drink retailer has joined forces with artist Jeff Koons (best-known for his stainless steel balloon animal sculptures and that really creepy gold statue of Michael Jackson and his monkey, Bubbles) to create a limited number (650 to be exact) or champagne holders inspired by Koons’ Balloon Venus sculpture. The pink, two-foot tall holder was designed to cradle a bottle of Dom Pérignon Rose Vintage 2003. And if you thought Dom was expensive, check this out: the holder costs $20,000. Can’t afford that this year? Don’t worry, you can still get the limited edition gift box (and at $399.99 for the pink and $199.99 for the yellow version, that’s a steal).

iPhone 5 Black Diamond – Your friend’s gold iPhone is so…cute. As for your Black Diamond iPhone? Now that’s sexy. Available on stuarthughes.com,  it takes nine weeks of intricate work to make this masterpiece, which includes a black single deep cut diamond (26 carats) and 500 white diamonds with full gold dressing, along with a solid gold logo. Retails for 10 million pounds (which converts to approximately $16, 388,000). Want to bling out the rest of your Apple gear? Don’t worry, they do iPads and laptops too.

Whiskey Tailgate Trailer – For the tailgater who likes to keep it classy, this whiskey trailer was designed by Brad Ford and features sleek leather furnishings, rich wood finishes and includes elegant glassware, limited-edition handcrafted flask, flat-screen TV, state-of-the-art sound system, and a one-year supply of Bulleit Bourbon and Bulleit Rye. $150,000 for the vineyard vacation of a lifetime.

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