Iggy Azaelea: Like, Totally 90s



Australian rapper Iggy Azaelea is known for being a little provocative and a lot original. For her most recent video for the single  “Fancy” Azaelea has turned to a little 90s inspiration by way of everyone’s favorite L.A. movie Clueless. The video plays major homage to the film with sometimes direct replicas of outfits and scenes and sometimes a little Iggy flavor mixed in. There are of course some updates that take the video into the present, such as Cher’s rotating closet computer program being presented as an app for the video (with a little side of product placement).

The rapper was joined by dancers to reenact the tennis P.E. scene, and with original cast look-a-likes for lunchtime, driving down the freeway, and of course that party in the valley. Despite some changes and updates the video stays pretty true to the 1995 fashion choices, including a spot on version of Cher’s yellow plaid skirt and jacket duo as she sauntered down the hallway with Dionne.

The song “Fancy” is from Azaelea’s debut studio album The New Classic, which will be released this year. Considering that the rapper was only about five years old when Clueless came out, she did a pretty good job of bringing it back to life for us for the three and a half minutes that her song lasts.

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